Arielle Abramzik Travelstead


It all started when…

I moved to St Louis November 2015, wanting to branch out I popped in as many yoga studios and found a wonderful community. Discovered the Yoga Trapeze in March 2016 and knew it was something I wanted to be at the forefront of bringing to St Louis. Purchased a home in South City and applied to a 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher Training and was accepted, through Yoga Buzz. Completing that certification for Trauma Informed Certified Yoga Instructor in June 2017 and had my trip booked to Barcelona already.

Come November 2017, flew with a friend to Spain for training, staying 9 days total on a very popular street named, VERDI. Lauren and I walked everywhere, especially to YogaBody studios, which there are three in Barcelona and we were centrally located to them all. We excelled at our training in the 5 days and received our certification.

Upon returning, it took me time to discover a place that would work for my yoga studio. Fortunately Yoga Trapeze STL found a location and started classes in August 2018.

Kindly, Arielle Abramzik-Travelstead