Address is 3965 Park Ave 63110.

Crossing intersection is Park & 39th in Botanical Heights.


You will drive down a road with numerous dead end signs. Building will be on the right side, make sure to park to the LEFT (West) side of the building


There is no entrance on the Right (East) side of the building. Do not park in front of green building "Utopia Studios".


On the left (West) side you will see double green metal doors. You will see the logo sign on a chainlink fence in front of green metal doors. This is the entrance!

Parking - Street parking and parking lot on the left side of building with more parking continuing to the back of the building.

As you enter the green metal doors, climb two full flights of stairs and you will see a black painted metal door with THE WORKSHOP written on it. Come on through that door - You will be welcomed with the great vibes of the The Workshop, walking straight to the ORANGE double doors will be the Yoga Trapeze studio.

If you get lost or confused - please call me on my cell 314-201-1211. That is the quickest way to get a hold of me.

Hang soon,

Arielle Abramzik-Travelstead

Founder of Yoga Trapeze STL